1. Performance requirements for shielded power cords: basically the same as those for unshielded similar power cords.
2. Because it meets the requirements of equipment for shielding (anti-interference performance), it is generally recommended to be used in medium-level electromagnetic interference occasions; the plastic sheathed rubber power cord can be directly buried in the soil.
3. The shielding layer should be able to make good contact with the connecting device or one end is grounded, and the shielding layer should not be loosened, unthreaded, and not easily scratched by foreign objects.
1. Conductive power cord: tin plating is allowed in some occasions;
2. The surface coverage density of the shielding layer should meet the standard or meet the user's requirements; the shielding layer should be braided or wound with tinned copper wire; if an extruded sheath should be added to the shield, the shielding should be braided or wound with soft round copper wire.
3. In order to prevent the internal interference between cores or pairs, each core (or pair) can be produced separately for each phase shielding structure.

Brief introduction of shielded insulated power cord

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General rubber sleeve rubber power cord

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