The power line carries current. Usually the method of current transmission is point-to-point transmission. Power cords can be divided into AC AC power cords according to their purpose. Click here to add a picture to illustrate DC DC power cords. Usually AC power cords are wires that pass high-voltage alternating currents. Such wires require uniform standards to obtain certification due to higher voltages. Can be officially produced. The DC line basically passes the low voltage direct current, so the safety requirements are not as strict as the AC line, but for safety reasons, countries still require unified safety certification.
How to choose the power cord first

1. Standard issues
First of all, you need to know which country your product is sold to, and different companies have different requirements on power cord standards. For example, if you go to European countries, the product needs to have EU VDE certification. If you go to the United States, you need to have the American UL certification. If you go to Australia, Japan, Italy and many other countries, there are relevant product certification requirements. Similarly, if this is not certain, you may not be able to use the product you have made, so this is the primary problem.

2. Power cord specifications and thick wires
The power cord is divided into two-core and three-core, depending on the type of electrical appliances. Also divided into specifications, such as national standard 52 lines (light PVC sheathed flexible cables) 53 lines (ordinary PVC sheathed flexible cables), VDE divided into H03VV-F, H05VV-F, etc. In addition, the power cord is also divided into thickness, such as: 0.5mm2 0.75mm2 1.0mm2 1.5mm2. The specifications and the thickness of the wire are mainly based on the power of the electrical appliance. For details, please refer to the relevant national standards.

3. The color of the power cord
This is mainly based on the color of the product. If your product is white, it should be equipped with a white power cord and a black power cord. It is always not pretty.

4. The length of the power cord
The length of the power cord should be determined according to the user's use. If it is too long or too short, it is inconvenient for the user to use it.

Brief introduction of shielded insulated power cord

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General rubber sleeve rubber power cord

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