1. External force violation

If wires and cables are laid in areas with particularly strong acid and alkali properties, they will usually be corroded. The thickness of the protective layer will be eroded by organic chemical or electrolytic methods for a long time, resulting in ineffective protective layer thickness and reduced insulation layer. It can also cause cable failure. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the local soil quality before laying wires and cables.

2. Natural weather
When installing wires and cables, try to avoid being exposed to the sun or being damaged by strong winds and rain, because the accumulation of wires and cables over time will accelerate the embrittlement of the sheath and reduce the service life of the wires and cables.

3. Suitable temperature
The external natural environment and heat source where the cable is located will also cause the cable to have too high temperature and thermal breakdown of the insulation, so that it will explode and catch fire.

4. Overload operation
Wires and cables should not be overloaded. This is because of the thermal effect of the current. The load current will inevitably cause the electrical conductors to become hot. In addition, the skin effect of the charge, the eddy current loss of the steel armor, and the dielectric loss of the insulation layer will also cause additional damage. Heat, which in turn increases the temperature of the cable. During long-term overload operation, an excessively high temperature will accelerate the embrittlement of the insulating layer, resulting in thermal breakdown of the insulating layer.

Wires and cables are one of the core and most important elements of the current cable system. In our daily applications, we need to check and repair at any time, and take some defensive measures in advance, which can extend the service life of the wires and cables.

Brief introduction of shielded insulated power cord

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General rubber sleeve rubber power cord

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