1. Preparation before production
1.1 Define the production tasks and lead the insulated cores of various specifications.
1.2 Change the pitch as required by the process card.
1.3 Clear the obstacles around the cable forming machine.
2. Operational requirements
2.1 The operator must be familiar with the outer diameter and structure size of the insulated cores of various specifications.
2.2 The cable must be flat and even during operation, and maintain a certain amount of tension to prevent the wire core from loosening and messing up and hanging off on the cable forming machine.
2.3 Install the wire reels of 2, 3 or 4 different colors on the power cord plug of the cable forming machine, and install the take-up reel on the shaft at the take-up position.
2.4 Put the cores of the cable together and pass them through the shaft hole of the cable machine.
2.5 When the cable is formed, the cable pitch should be checked before it is officially started for production.
2.6 After the cable is connected to the power cord, the insulation should be stripped off, and the conductor should be cut in half and wound tightly. The joint should not be larger than the outer diameter of the cable, and a mark should be made at the joint.

Brief introduction of shielded insulated power cord

به وبلاگ خود خوش امدید

General rubber sleeve rubber power cord

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